Three bills passed the legislative session in 2009.

HB 469 relates to the establishment of incentives for certain carbon capture and storage projects.

SB 1387 identifies regulatory jurisdiction and specifies certain requirements for permitting, financial assurance, monitoring and inspection. Jurisdiction is given to the Railroad Commission, except for storage into non-oil and gas producing formations. The Railroad Commission in tasked with adopting geologic storage regulations consistent with eventual EPA rules.

SB 1796 relates to the development of offshore carbon geologic storage. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is tasked with developing standards for such storage.

The Texas Railroad Commission approved publication of proposed carbon storage rules on March 9, 2010. The rules finalized on November 30, 2010, take effect under title 16, chapter 5 of the Texas Administrative Code.

Legislation (passed)
(updated 5/31/2011)

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