Oregon is not engaged in rule writing or legislation for the geologic storage of CO2. The closest proximation of rule formultion for storage of CO2 has been anecdotal talk about the Class VI wells proposed by the EPA. Further, Oregon is not engaged in any of the DOE research and development groups or regional partnerships for carbon sequestration. Oregon will be reporting to the USGS about their availability for storage in the coming months but itdoes not look like they have a lot of potential for CO2 storage. Oregon’s storage potential lies in deep basalt formations but there is not much research occurring currently. Most of the CO2 storage interest in Oregon is in biomass. In terms of CO2 point source emitters, Oregon has only one coal-fired power plant meaning there is not a lot of CO2 emissions the state has to deal with, cutting against the need or push for the development for geologic storage.

(updated 5/27/2011)

Statistics are estimates provided by the states.