The state does not have any active legislation regarding CO2 capture and storage. The state’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has rules regarding the use of CO2 for EOR. Arizona also has a natural deposit of CO2 and there is some drilling going on in that deposit but not a lot. WestCARB completed the drilling of a CO2 test well but never injected CO2. To do this, WestCARB was given a Temporary Aquifer Protection Permit from the state’s DEQ . Currently, the state DEQ is permitting CO2 injection under an EPA experimental class V well but will most likely move to an EPA class VI well permitting standard. As of now, the state is waiting to see what the national trend will be before they take steps on the development of legislation and rules regarding CO2 capture and storage.

(updated 5/25/2011)

Statistics are estimates provided by the states.