West Virginia

Aproximate Depth: 
7000 feet
Number of Wells: 
approximately 500
Annual Production: 
19 BCF
Cumulative Production: 
approximately 25 BCF
Percent of Total State Gas Production: 
7 % in 2009

Statistics are estimates provided by the states.

West Virginia State Progress: Shale Gas

Well operators are required to apply to the Office of Oil and Gas (OOG) for, and receive permit coverage for activities considered “well work”, prior to such work beginning.  Examples of well work as defined in the statute are drilling, redrilling, deepening, stimulation, and plugging.  The primary components of the permit involve notice to surface land owners and coal owners/lessees/operators of the applicant’s proposal, plan for well construction (new wells) that provides for protection of fresh water sources and coal reserves, and a site construction and reclamation plan to ensure minimization of surface water impacts.  Drilling of new wells requires all fresh water sources and workable coal seams to be cased with the casing cemented to the surface.  These casing string(s) are in addition to the production casing.