Individual Canadian Province/Territory Regulatory Statements

British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia Regulatory Actions: Hydraulic Fracturing | The B.C. Oil and Gas Commission is responsible for overseeing the province’s oil and gas operations, including exploration, development, pipeline transportation and reclamation. The Commission maintains a balance between public health and safety, the environment and industry. For shale gas development, casing and cementing plans must be adequate to protect groundwater and contain fluids within the wellbore and target formation. Hydraulic fracturing operations at depths of less than 600 metres (2,000 ft) are rare in the province and closely scrutinized by the Commission. Flowback fluids must be contained by approved means and cannot be discharged to the environment. These fluids may be recycled for future use in fracturing operations, but ultimately the disposal must be via deep well injection at an approved facility.

Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan Regulatory Actions: Hydraulic Fracturing | Exploration has been conducted in Saskatchewan in the Colorado shales in both the eastern and western parts of the province, however, widespread development of this resource has not taken place.  As with conventional gas, shale gas is governed by The Oil and Gas Conservation Act and The Oil and Gas Conservation Regulations, 1985. (Updated November 2010

Individual State Regulatory Actions

State Shale Gas Regulatory Progress Statements

Individual state regulatory progress statements and hydraulic fracturing regulatory actions for IOGCC Shale Gas states.