Shale Gas Assessment: A Regulatory Perspective (2010)

Topical report for DE-FC26-06NT42937. The Basin Initiative -- Shale Gas Assessment: A Regulatory Perspective, IOGCC, 2010.  Included in this assessment are (1) the identification of challenges and opportunities to for states to support and encourage the efficient recovery of shale gas while protecting health, safety and the environment; and (2) the exploration of state initiatives and state-industry partnerships to address policy goals; and (3) outreach and educational materials prepared by the task force in response to the assessment.

As part of a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory, the IOGCC prepared this “regional/basin oriented examination of underdeveloped oil and natural gas resources.” The project includes the identification of up to three multi-state basins to assess and the formation of work groups to assess resources and strategies to increase U.S. oil and gas supplies while accomplishing regional economic and environmental goals.

Preliminary analyses by the IOGCC determined that the most critical basins to examine were associated with shale gas development.  In February 2009, The IOGCC formed the Shale Gas Directors’ Task Force, comprised of the regulating officials from 17 shale-producing states, to assist with project research and analyses. This report is the result of the Task Force’s efforts.

The assessment incorporates input and information about shale-gas producing states across the nation. Regional activities and efforts focused around the three major shale gas plays – Barnett, Marcellus, and Fayetteville.

Download the full report below.

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