IOGCC Shale Gas Directors Task Force

The IOGCC Shale Gas Directors Task Force – comprised of the regulating officials in seventeen shale gas producing states – was formed and held its first meeting in February 2009. Directors identified challenges and opportunities facing shale gas states and discussed possible projects for development.  Directors share appropriate operating procedures, discuss current and future subprojects for development, and continue working on planned activities. The Task Force determined that the most effective approach to stimulate Basin development would be a “clearinghouse” of regulatory information for Shale Gas states.

The Task Force is currently developing the Shale Gas page for Groundwork. Planned content includes regulatory fact sheets on the topics of water management and water disposal, infrastructure, and hydraulic fracturing.

An integral component of shale gas development is the process of hydraulic fracturing. Recognizing the importance of helping U.S. citizens, policy-makers, and lawmakers to understand the importance of shale gas to our economy and energy security, as well as the safeguards in place to prevent damage from shale gas exploration and production, the Task Force provides input and guidance into the development of material for the Groundwork hydraulic fracturing site.

Berry H. (Nick) Tew
Oil & Gas Supervisor/Geologist, State Oil and Gas Board
Lawrence E. Bengal
Task Force Chairman, Director of O&G Comm. of AR
Duane Pulliam
Action Director of Division of Oil and Gas Office of Mines and Minerals, Department of Natural Resources
Amy Childers
Federal Projects Manager of Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commision, IOGCC
D. Gerowe "Gerry" Baker
Associate Executive Director of Insterstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, IOGCC
L. Rachel Amann
Projects Director, IOGCC
Kim Collings
Director of Division of Oil Gas Conservation, Department of Natural Resources
James H. "Jim" Welsh
Commissioner of Conservation for Department of Natural Resources, Office of Conservation
Jim Broussard
Shreveport District Manager
Jodee Bruyninckx
North Louisiana Director, Oil & Gas Association
Harold "Hal" Fitch
Director of Office of Geological Survey, Department of Enviromental Quality
Mike Bricker
Supervisor, Permitting & Technical Services Section
Tom Godboldt
Supervisor, Field Operations Section
New York
Bradley Field
Director of Division of Mineral Resources, Department of Conservation
Rick Simmers
North Region Manager of Division of Mineral Resources Managment, Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Lori Wrotenbery
Director, Oil and Gas Conservation Division, Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Ron Gilius
Director of Bureau of Oil and Gas Management
Charlie Ross
Field Operations, Deputy Director, Railroad Commission of Texas
Leslie Savage
Director, Planning and Administration, Oil & Gas Division, Railroad Commission of Texas
Tommie Seitz
Director of Railroad Commission of Texas
John R. Baza
Director of Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining
Washington, DC
Nancy Johnson
Director of Environmental Science and Policy Analysis, Office of Fossil Energy, US: Deparment of Energy
West Virginia
James "Marty" Martin
Chief for Office of Oil and Gas, West Virginia Department of Enviromental Protection
Thomas Doll
Wyoming Oil and Gas Commision Supervisor, Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission