API provides expanded online access to its safety standards (2010)

API, October 28, 2010. Almost one-third of all API standards, including all standards that are safety-related or have been incorporated into federal regulation, are now available for viewing online. Some of the new standards available include: offshore drilling standards; hydraulic fracturing and well construction standards; petroleum measurement standards; process safety standards on refinery and chemical plant operations and equipment; and pipeline safety standards on welding and public awareness programs.

Standards are available for review. Hardcopies and printable versions will continue to be available for purchase. API standards are generally technical in nature and are designed principally for use by oil and natural gas companies and their contractors. Revenue from the sale of standards supports API’s standards program, which operates on a non-profit basis. API will continue to sell standards to oil and natural gas companies and other interested parties.

Visit the publications page of the API Web Site to view the standards.