Oil & Gas Policy: Evaluation for Energy Security (2007)

Oil & Gas Policy: Evaluation for Energy Security (2007). This policy document analyzes the nation’s energy situation, with potential solutions to identified problems. Analysis took place over the summer of 2006 through a series of conferences sponsored by Congressional Quarterly in which the IOGCC participated.

IOGCC Resolution 06.052 called for the creation of a policy document that would "avoid choices that will exacerbate our nation's energy situation by discouraging domestic production."
This concise, easy-to-read publication provides an overview of the energy environment from the early 1970's through 2007.
A team of experts identified by the IOGCC Steering Committee made five recommendations for improving national and state policies:

1) Improve dialogue with the American public about energy policy and its consequences to them

2) Promote the expansion of research to recover domestic oil and gas resources

3) Re-examine federal and state policies as they relate to oil and natural gas development in consideration of new incentives for exploration and production

4) Encourage conservation of fossil fuel resources by the public and efficient production technologies

5) Manpower issue

Download the full report below.

2007-Oil-and-Gas-Policy-Evaluation-For-Energy-Security.pdf1.17 MB