The State Perspective

IOGCC Case Studies

Colorado’s Technical Responses to Rulemaking (2009)

Colorado's Technical Responses to Rulemaking, IOGCC, 2009.  Over the past decade, Colorado lawmakers were confronted with rapid development of that state’s oil and gas resources, which they hoped to encourage, and increasing concerns about their continuing ability to protect the environment. Rules and resources that provided ample oversight of the oil and gas industry when the state permitted about 1,000 wells per year, as it did in the late 1990s, were becoming inadequate as the number of drilling permits increased nearly tenfold by 2008. Colorado lawmakers decided to manage burgeoning energy development to keep it on a course that takes advantage of the economic benefits of oil and gas production while continuing to protect the public and the environment.

Risk-Based Data Management System (2009)

Case Study- Risk-Based Data Management System, IOGCC (2009). Any job, no matter how large, is easier to complete with the right tools at hand. The Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) created a tool that helps state and federal regulatory agencies, citizens’ groups, and the oil, natural gas, and mining industries to do a better job of protecting this country’s precious natural resources. This tool is a web-based information-sharing platform that users can adapt to meet their individual requirements.

Data and Statistics

2008 Sales and Production Data

Download IOGCC Member and Associate member states annual survey report which records sales, production, permitting and plugged and abandonment figures for the year.