Brownfields Funding Workshop (2010)

IOGCC Annual Meeting, November 2010, Tucson, AZ. Janice Sims, US EPA, Patricia Billingsley, Oklahoma Corporation Commission, and Jimmie Hammontree, Chesapeake Energy give prospective oil and gas agency Brownfields Program/funding recipients an overview of the EPA’s Brownfields funding available, how to set up a state O&G agency Brownfields Program, how an E&P company has used Brownfields, and real-life examples of Brownfields programs from different perspectives.

Download the presentations below.

2010 IOGCC_JHammontree_Tucson.pdf2.49 MB
2010 IOGCC_JSims_Tucson.pdf2.1 MB
2010 IOGCC_PBillingsley_Tucson.pdf9.3 MB