Orphaned Wells

Orphaned wells are defined by most states as inactive with no responsible party to plug the well and restore the location. Historically many of these wells are pre-regulatory and states now have stringent regulations in place to prevent their occurrence.

IOGCC has been a leader in the study of orphan wells, their costs, and the regulations associated with their management. The responsibility for monitoring and plugging orphan wells falls to the states. Although many states have established plugging funds, the costs of plugging these wells is an extreme financial burden. IOGCC member states continue efforts to explore innovative and financial means to plug orphan wells.

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Tucson, Arizona, November 16, 2010 This workshop, presented as part of the IOGCC Annual Meeting,...
The IOGCC Orphan Well Task Force, comprised of IOGCC representatives from member states, was formed...

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IOGCC Annual Meeting, November 2010, Tucson, AZ. Janice Sims, US EPA, Patricia Billingsley, Oklahoma Corporation Commission, and Jimmie Hammontree, Chesapeake Energy give...

Most states have inaugurated significant programs for identifying and addressing orphan wells. States should be commended for these efforts, and the IOGCC encourages states to find ways to...

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Produce or Plug (2000).

Protecting our country's resources: the states' case (2008).

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