Oklahoma's new rule cross-references hydraulic fracturing regulations (2010)

OAC 165:10-3-10(b) Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC), July 11, 2010. The Oklahoma Corporation Commission regulates hydraulic fracturing of oil and gas wells as a well completion operation. The Commission’s environmental protection rules address the various aspects of this well completion practice, and compliance with the rules is assured through well-established inspection, reporting, investigation, and enforcement mechanisms. Rule 165:10-3-10 expressly prohibits the pollution of fresh water in the conduct of hydraulic fracturing operations. In addition, the rules addressing well permitting and construction, completion reporting, and fluids management and waste disposal, among others, establish requirements relating to hydraulic fracturing operations and the associated materials and wastes. To assist the regulated community and the general public in locating the regulations addressing hydraulic fracturing, the Commission has adopted a rule that references the various provisions applicable to hydraulic fracturing.

Download the filed rule report and the full text of the Commission's regulations as of July 11, 2010 below.

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