Louisiana rules help conserve freshwater and minimize waste; conducts regulatory review (2010)

LAC 43:XIX.313.J. Pit Closure Techniques and Onsite Disposal of E and P Waste, Louisiana Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR), Office of Conservation, June 2010. To help conserve freshwater aquifer resources and minimize waste, rules to allow the limited use of exploration and production waste in hydraulic fracturing operations conducted on the Haynesville Shale formation were promulgated on June 20, 2010. Memorandum WH-1: Reporting

Memorandum WH-1, Requirements for Water Use in E&P Operations, Louisiana DNR, September 2009. Requires the reporting of water source and associated volumes for hydraulic fracturing operations.

Regulatory Review Project. Recently, the DNR established a contract with the Louisiana State University Department of Petroleum Engineering to review current regulatory practices and provide recommendations for permanent regulatory changes to strengthen safety and environmental protection for exploration and production operations. Preliminary results are anticipated in winter 2010.

Additionally, the DNR has issued several memorandums to increase regulatory compliance and protect groundwater and the environment:

Download PDFs  of public notice, rules and memorandum below.

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