British Columbia passes Oil and Gas Activities Act and promulgates regulations; issues water usage report (2008 - 2010)

Oil and Gas Activities Act (OGAA), BC Oil and Gas Commission, (passed 2008, amended 2010, rulemaking effective 10/04/2010).  Implemented in Fall 2010, the OGAA is a consolidation of the Oil and Gas Commission Act, the Pipeline Act and the Petroleum and Natural Gas Act. Increases in resource levels and activity, and advances in technology, contributed to the need for a revamped regulatory framework, as did evolving expectations for stakeholder input and environmentally responsible use of Crown resources. Regulations were effective October 4, 2010.

The Act expanded the Commission's powers to manage water withdrawals, requiring increased metring, measuring and reporting for water accessed both through surface and subsurface methods.

S. 37 of the Drilling and Production Regulation requires that operators maintain a record of all fracturing fluids used in the well. Operators must produce records upon the request of the Commission per S. 38 (d) of the Act.

Oil and Gas Water Use in British Columbia, BC Oil and Gas Commission, August 2010. This report gives an overview of the regulatory framework as it applies to water usage and management. Included is a section that outlines the hydraulic fracturing process.