Alberta issues directive to restrict shallow fracturing operations; Issues bulletins and information (2009 - 2010)

Directive 027, Shallow Fracturing Operations-Restricted Operations, Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB), Revised August 14, 2009. The ERCB initially imposed shallow fracturing controls on January 31, 2006 with the issuance of Directive 027: Shallow Fracturing Operations--Interim Controls, Restricted Operations, and Technical Review. Additional and amended requirements were issued in 2009 based on the recommendations of the "Multi-Stakeholder Shallow Fracturing Steering Committee,"  formed by the ERCB.

Bulletin 2009-23, Shale Gas Development--Definition of Shale and Identification of Geological Strata, July 9, 2009. Clarifies the definition of shale for shale gas development and identifies the geological strata from which the ERCB will consider to be shale gas. Each well producing gas from shale must have ERCB-designated control wells as specified in regulations.

EnerFAQs 14: Frequently Asked Questions--Horizontal Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing, September 2010. Discusses the technology known as horizontal multistage hydraulic fracturing.

Note: While these documents are specific to the matter of hydraulic fracturing, Alberta has other requirements which cover all drilling and production matters, including shale gas, for example, casing, cementing, waste disposal, and others.

Download Directive 027, Bulletin 2009-23, and EnerFAQ 14 below.

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