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Shale Gas and Hydraulic Fracturing (2010)

Fact Sheets -- Shale Gas and Hydraulic Fracturing, IOGCC Shale Gas Directors Task Force (2010). IOGCC's

IOGCC Brochure on Hydraulic Fracturing (2005)

Hydraulic Fracturing. A safe and environmentally sound way to maximize our nation’s natural resources, Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (2005). Published in 2005, this tri-fold brochure gives a brief overview of the hydraulic fracturing process from a regulatory perspective.

Just the Facts: A Chronological Look at Hydraulic Fracturing (2009)

Just the Facts: A Chronological Look at Hydraulic Fracturing, IOGCC, (2009). Developed by the IOGCC, this easy-to-understand fact sheet provides a brief overview of the history surrounding the legislation and regulation of hydraulic fracturing.

IOGCC Hydraulic Fracturing Survey Facts: 2002 and 2009

IOGCC conducted a survey of its member states in July of 2002 and again in June 2009 to determine the significance of hydraulic fracturing statistically and to determine if the process has caused harm to groundwater.

Download a fact sheet about the surveys below.

State Regulatory Statements: Hydraulic Fracturing

State Oil and Gas regulatory authorities weigh-in about the issue of hydraulic fracturing. This fact sheet includes statements from Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Texas about hydraulic fracturing in individual states.

IOGCC Studies

History of Litigation Concerning Hydraulic Fracturing (2009)

History of Litigation Concerning Hydraulic Fracturing, S. Marvin Rogers (2009). Congresswoman Dianna DeGette of Colorado recently introduced legislation that would again place hydraulic fracturing under the federal Safe Drinking water Act and thereby under the jurisdiction of the U.S. EPA. (House Bill H.R. 7231) Further, the issue of hydraulic fracturing is again receiving publicity. The November 2008 edition of Business Week addresses hydraulic fracturing. The State of Alabama and the IOGCC have addressed the issue extensively. In this paper, we will review the history of litigation concerning hydraulic fracturing.