In April 2009, the IOGCC --- in partnership with the Southern States Energy Board (SSEB) -- created a CO2 Pipeline Transportation Task Force (PTTF) to examine the legal and regulatory environment surrounding CO2 pipelines/transport. Although the PTTF is separate from the IOGCC CCGS Task Force, coordination and oversight between them is provided through a liaison with the chairman of the IOGCC CO2 and CCGS Task Force, Larry Bengal, Director of the Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission.

The scope of the PTTF report includes a comprehensive review of legal and regulatory barriers and opportunities, legislative implications and opportunities, and the roles of states in regulation of intrastate and interstate pipelines. 

The primary objective of the PTTF is to identify barriers and opportunities for the wide-scale construction of pipelines to transport carbon dioxide for the purposes of sequestration, enhanced oil recovery, and other commercial uses.

Download the fact sheet about the Task Force below:

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