IOGCC Resolution 09.107

Resolution 09.107 Supporting State Regulation of all Forms of CO2 Geological Storage

In October 2009, IOGCC member states passed Resolution 09.107 resolving to encourage States, in conjunction with federal initiatives, to develop and adopt safe and environmentally sound regulatory frameworks for all forms of geologic storage of CO2 as a catalyst for industry to move forward with associated infrastructure and project development.

Key highlights of Resolution 09.107:

Enhanced oil recovery with associated storage, geologic storage with incidental hydrocarbon production and geologic storage in non-hydrocarbon productive reservoirs, all constitute forms geologic storage of carbon dioxide;

To ensure that States have the necessary flexibility in the implementation of future federal regulations, that those regulatory frameworks provide a mechanism for states to apply separately, allowing States discretion in determining which State agencies are most appropriate to administer any federal storage regulations;