IOGCC Resolution 08.113

Resolution 08.113, Continuing Policy On The Issue Of Carbon Storage In Underground Geologic Formations, was first passed by the IOGCC in October 2004 and has been reauthorized twice, most recently on November 18, 2008. As part of the resolution's action steps, the IOGCC Carbon Capture and Geological Storage (CCGS) Task Force prepared model regulatory guidelines concerning geologic storage to assist member states in regulating the injection and underground storage of CO2. Key highlights of Resolution 08.113:
The IOGCC urges the U.S. Department of Energy to continue to provide support for IOGCC regulatory projects and initiatives promoting the development of regulatory frameworks and infrastructure to enable development of safe and environmentally sound CO2 storage and transportation systems.
The IOGCC will continue to provide input to the EPA in the development of rules for the geologic storage of CO2 and collaborate with EPA, DOE and others in the areas of policy and technology.

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