IOGCC in Action

IOGCC/SSEB Offshore Transport and Storage of CO2 Study (2011)

The IOGCC and the Southern States Energy Board (SSEB) is working collaboratively to conduct a study regarding the offshore transport and storage of CO2.

IOGCC/SSEB Task Force Report the Need for National CO2 Pipeline Infrastructure

February 14, 2011. The IOGCC / SSEB Pipeline Transportation Task Force (PTTF) recently released “A Policy, Legal, and Regulatory Evaluation of the Feasibility of a National Pipeline Infrastructure for the Transport and Storage of Carbon Dioxide.” In this report, the PTTF examines the legal and regulatory environment surrounding CO2 pipelines and transport.

IOGCC Resolution 09.107

Resolution 09.107 Supporting State Regulation of all Forms of CO2 Geological Storage

In October 2009, IOGCC member states passed Resolution 09.107 resolving to encourage States, in conjunction with federal initiatives, to develop and adopt safe and environmentally sound regulatory frameworks for all forms of geologic storage of CO2 as a catalyst for industry to move forward with associated infrastructure and project development.


The IOGCC Carbon Capture and Geologic Storage Task Force (Task Force) has been addressing the legal and regulatory issues surrounding the capture and storage of anthropogenic sources of CO2 since its inception in 2002.  Its membership has included IOGCC member states and international affiliates, state and provisional oil and gas agencies, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), DOE-sponsored Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships, the Association of American State Geologists (AASG), and the oil and natural gas industry.


In April 2009, the IOGCC --- in partnership with the Southern States Energy Board (SSEB) -- created a CO2 Pipeline Transportation Task Force (PTTF) to examine the legal and regulatory environment surrounding CO2 pipelines/transport. Although the PTTF is separate from the IOGCC CCGS Task Force, coordination and oversight between them is provided through a liaison with the chairman of the IOGCC CO2 and CCGS Task Force, Larry Bengal, Director of the Arkansas Oil & Gas Commission.

IOGCC Resolution 08.113

Resolution 08.113, Continuing Policy On The Issue Of Carbon Storage In Underground Geologic Formations, was first passed by the IOGCC in October 2004 and has been reauthorized twice, most recently on November 18, 2008. As part of the resolution's action steps, the IOGCC Carbon Capture and Geological Storage (CCGS) Task Force prepared model regulatory guidelines concerning geologic storage to assist member states in regulating the injection and underground storage of CO2.