CO2 Storage: A Legal and Regulatory Guide for States (2007)

CO2 Storage: A legal and Regulatory Guide for States (2007). In December 2002, the IOGCC established the IOGCC Carbon Capture and Geologic Storage (CCGS) Task Force. Its membership included representatives from IOGCC member states and international affiliate provinces, state and provincial oil and gas agencies, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), DOE-sponsored Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships, the Association of American State Geologists and independent experts.

In 2006, the Task Force began work on Phase II to start development of this detailed guidance document. The most critical components of the full report are a model CO2 storage statute, a set of model rules and regulations governing the storage of CO2 in geologic media and an explanation of those regulatory components. Also included is a report addressing the ownership and righ of injection of CO2 into the subsurface.

Funded by DOE and its National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), the Task Force undertook an examination of the technical, policy and regulatory issues related to the safe and effective storage of CO2 in subsurface geological media (oil and natural gas fields, coal seams and deep saline formations) for both enhanced hydrocarbon recovery and long-term CO2 storage. This work is referred to as Phase I.

A key conclusion of that report was no other jurisdiction has the experience and expertise of the states and provinces in the regulation of oil and natural gas production and natural gas storage – factors critical to the effective regulation of the geologic storage of carbon dioxide.

Although the Task Force recognized in Phase I that states and provinces might have statutory and regulatory frameworks that could accommodate CO2 injection and storage, they also recognized that some modification of those frameworks would likely be necessary, particularly for the post-operational phase for which no regulations existed.

To this end, the Task Force, under the sponsorship of DOE/NETL, began work on a second project in 2006(Phase II) to start development of this detailed guidance document. Composition of the Task Force was much the same as in Phase I, with the addition of
representatives from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and an environmental group who attended as observers.

Download a full copy and a summary of the report below:

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