IOGCC/SSEB Offshore Transport and Storage of CO2 Study (2011)

The IOGCC and the Southern States Energy Board (SSEB) is working collaboratively to conduct a study regarding the offshore transport and storage of CO2. The primary objective of thestudy is to evaluate the potential for geological storage of CO2 utilizing existing offshore oil and natural gas fields in the Gulf of Mexico nearing the end of productive life, and in areas that have not been subject to oil and natural gas production.  These offshore geologic settings, along with wells and infrastructure (where it exists), may be suitable for CO2 sequestration with the adaptation of technical, regulatory, and business modifications.  Inherent within this objective is the consideration of:
(1) resource mapping of CO2 storage potential and infrastructure in SECARB’s offshore areas under Federal jurisdiction in the Gulf of Mexico1;
(2) resource mapping of CO2 storage potential and infrastructure in the SECARB region offshore areas under state jurisdiction2, and
(3) the current legal and regulatory structures and opportunities in applicable jurisdictions.

This is the second collaborative study between the IOGCC and SSEB regarding transport of CO2. Access A Policy,Legal, and Regulatory Evaluation of the Feasibility of a National Pipeline Infrastructure for the Transport and Storage of Carbon Dioxide. IOGCC Pipeline Transportation Task Force (PTTF) here.

Release of task force findings and recommendations is anticipated in late Spring 2011.

Download the task force roster below:

Offshore Task Force Contact Information PRINTABLE 4-14-10.pdf7.46 KB