Task Force Information

The IOGCC Carbon Capture and Geologic Storage Task Force (Task Force) has been addressing the legal and regulatory issues surrounding the capture and storage of anthropogenic sources of CO2 since its inception in 2002.  Its membership has included IOGCC member states and international affiliates, state and provisional oil and gas agencies, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), DOE-sponsored Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships, the Association of American State Geologists (AASG), and the oil and natural gas industry.

Early in 2005, the Task Force completed Phase I of the project, funded by DOE and its National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) through a cooperative agreement with the University of Illinois.  The project consisted of an examination of the technical, policy, and regulatory issues related to the safe and effective storage of CO2 in subsurface geological media for both enhanced hydrocarbon recovery and long-term CO2 storage.

Phase II of the project, a cooperative agreement with the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NMMT) and funded by the DOE and NMMT, consisted of a more in-depth examination of the legal and regulatory aspects surrounding the storage of CO2 in geologic media.  The study results, Storage of Carbon Dioxide in Geologic Structures, A Legal and Regulatory Guide for States and Provinces, was published in September 2007.  It presented model legislation and regulations for use by states.  This legal and regulatory framework is providing states and provinces with an excellent foundation for the development of rules, regulations, and statutes regarding CO2 storage.  Phase II work, scheduled for completion in 2009, includes further work to disseminate and explain the document to a wide audience as well as further regulatory work with the pilot projects and testing the model documents for additional refinement.

Phase III of the project, currently under development, would address those issues that the Task Force believes remain as barriers to the establishment of state and federal legal and regulatory frameworks capable of providing prospective project developers with the certainty necessary to more forward.

Berry H. (Nick) Tew
Oil & Gas Supervisor/Geologist, State Oil and Gas Board
Marvin Rogers
Counsel, Alabama Oil and Gas Board
Alberta, Canada
Stefan Bachu, Ph.D, P.Eng
Principal Scientist CO2
Cammy Taylor
Counsel, Office of the Attorney General, Oil Gas and Mining Section
Lawrence E. Bengal
Task Force Chairman, Director of O&G Comm. of AR
Lorraine Hwang
Michael Stettner
Sr. Oil and Gas Engineer, California Division of Oil & Gas and Geothermal Resources
Rob Lawrence
Senior Policy Advisor-Energy Issues
Joseph C. Perkowski, Ph.D.
Manager, Energy Initiatives, Idaho National Laboratory
Robert J. Finley
Illinois State Geological Survey
Carl Michael Smith
Executive Director, IOGCC
Cynthia McCollum
Legal and Regulatory Specialist, IOGCC
Kevin Bliss
Task Force Coordinator, IOGCC Washington Representative
L. Rachel Amann
Projects Director, IOGCC
New Mexico
Mark E. Fesmire, PE
Chairman of NM Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
North Dakota
John Harju
Associate Director for Research, Energy & Environmental Research Center, University of North Dakota
North Dakota
Lynn Helms
Director of Department of Mineral Resources Industrial Commission
Dave Ball
Project Manager
William O'Dowd
Project Manager, DOE
Darrick W. Eugene
Task Force Attorney, Vinson & Elkins, LLP
David Cooney, Jr.
Enviromental Affairs Attorney, Railroad Commission of Texas
Michael L. Williams
Commissioner/Railroad Commission of Texas
Scott Anderson
Senior Policy Advisor, Enviromental Defense, Austin
Stephen L. Melzer
Melzer Consulting
Victor Carrillo
Task Force Chairman, Railroad Comm. of TX
Dawn Thorne
Regulatory Lead/ SWP/ University of Utah
John R. Baza
Director of Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining
Washington, DC
Kipp Coddington
Mowrey Meezan Coddington Cloud LLP
Washington, DC
Lowell Braxton
Consultant, IOGCC
Washington, DC
Stephen D. Salzman
Deputy Division Chief, Fluid Minerals, BLMm Hdqtr WA DC
West Virginia
Douglas G. Patchen
Chief Geologist, Geological & Economical Survey
West Virginia
Dr. Patrick Esposito
PH.D, P.E., Augusta Systems
West Virginia
Timothy R. Carr
Marshall Miller Professor of Energy, Dept. of Geology