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As demand for domestic energy resources increases, emerging technologies continue to significantly impact access to oil and natural gas reserves. Producing states with long histories and experience in oil and natural gas are best poised to regulate exploration and production.

IOGCC Groundwork is an in-depth, state-by-state information platform promoting the efficient recovery of resources while protecting the environment. Search topic listings for detailed information about current and pending oil & natural gas legislation, and learn how states are dealing with legislative changes and addressing environmental concerns. Information will be updated and new topics will be added over time.

Hydraulic Fracturing

States have regulated hydraulic fracturing since its introduction.

Carbon Sequestration

For years the oil and natural gas industry has stored carbon in geological formation successfully, while increasing domestic production in mature fields.

Shale Gas

Advances in technology are unlocking the potential of shale gas in the U.S. Horizontal drilling is leading to production in shale formations once thought to be unaccessible.

Orphaned Wells

Orphaned wells are defined by most states as inactive with no responsible party to plug the well and restore the location.

Regulatory Streamlining

Regulatory streamlining is the procedure that regulatory agencies go through to improve processes, increase efficiencies and improve the effectiveness of the regulatory process.