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Department of the Interior to Study CO2 Storage in U.S. Lands

December 14, 2010 (Wyoming Business Report) The Department of the Interior has announced a new methodology to assess the potential to store carbon in U.S. wetlands, forests and rangelands ecosystems - and thus reducing emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.  

US Senate Bill to Boost BOEM Inspection Staff

December 14, 2010 (Platts) US Senate Democrats on Tuesday introduced a $1.2 trillion omnibus spending bill that would double the Department of Interior's Outer Continental Shelf drilling inspection staff and significantly boost the Department of Energy's ability to finance nuclear and clean coal projects.  

API Backs Plan to Disclose Fracking Ingredients

December 14, 2010 (Fuel Fix - Houston Chronicle)  The American Petroleum Institute today joined other oil and gas trade groups in endorsing a plan to voluntarily disclose the chemicals in hydraulic fracturing fluids used to produce natural gas from shale.

U.S. Clarifies Rules on Offshore Work

December 14, 2010 ( Clarification on the guidelines for oil and gas exploration on the U.S. outer continental shelf supports safety and environmental issues, federal regulators say.

PA Gov-Elect will soon reopen state land to new drilling

December 6, 2010 (Newsweek). Governor-elect Tom Corbett will soon reopen state land to new drilling, his spokesperson tells NEWSWEEK.

Chesapeake: Shale here for decades

December 9, 2010 (Shreveport Times). Chesapeake Energy's message to a 100 or so folks gathered at the DeSoto Chamber of Commerce office Wednesday afternoon is the company will be developing the Haynesville Shale and the lesser known Bossier Shale for decades to come. State conservation office Commissioner Jim Welch took a few minutes to explain the groundwater protections that are in place.

NY Gov. Patterson halts hydraulic fracturing operations until July 2011

December 11, 2010 (Daniel Trotta - Yahoo News) New York Governor David Patterson on Saturday halted hydraulic fracturing operations in the state until July and ruled no hydraulic fracturing operations could take place until environmental regulators deem the process safe.  

West Virginia looks at resources needed to support carbon capture, sequestration

December 10, 2010 (Ben Adduchio - West Virginia Public Broadcasting) One topic of major discussion at this week's West Virginia Energy Summit was carbon capture and sequestration technology.  

Confusion Reigns Over Arctic Drilling Moratorium

December 11, 2010 (Alan Bailey - Petroleum News) Court testimony presents contradictory views of whether or not the Department of the Interior imposed and Arctic OCS drilling moratorium after the Deepwater Horizon disaster.  

Texas, Feds in Agreement Over New Carbon-Capture Rules

December 10, 2010 (Molly Davis - The American Independent) Recent rules passed by the Railroad Commission of Texas and Environmental Protection Agency to oversee the state's underground carbon storage industry have drawn support from environmentalists, researchers, regulators and industry.