IOGCC/SSEB Task Force issues CO2 Transport Report, Recommendations

February 14, 2011 (IOGCC/SSEB).  The IOGCC / SSEB Pipeline Transportation Task Force (PTTF) recently released “A Policy, Legal, and Regulatory Evaluation of the Feasibility of a National Pipeline Infrastructure for the Transport and Storage of Carbon Dioxide.” In this report, the PTTF examines the legal and regulatory environment surrounding CO2 pipelines and transport.

The PTTF focused on identifying various pipeline regulatory and business development models and the opportunities and challenges associated with those models. While exploring the option for more centralized federal oversight of CO2 pipelines, the PTTF found that the current state-based regulatory system, which has overseen the development of approximately 4,000 miles of pipeline infrastructure, is sufficient in handling the CO2 transportation needs for the foreseeable future.

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