Chesapeake: Shale here for decades

December 9, 2010 (Shreveport Times). Chesapeake Energy's message to a 100 or so folks gathered at the DeSoto Chamber of Commerce office Wednesday afternoon is the company will be developing the Haynesville Shale and the lesser known Bossier Shale for decades to come. State conservation office Commissioner Jim Welch took a few minutes to explain the groundwater protections that are in place.

This region's early success in bringing together all stakeholders to address concerns about aquifer protection resulted recently in Welch, Chesapeake's Mike Mathis and Gary Hanson, director of the LSUS Red River Watershed Management Institute, serving as experts on a panel in Pennsylvania, where environmental worries are rampant with the Marcellus Shale, to share what has worked here.

"We identified a problem and worked through it. "It's a good success story," Welch said.

The roundtable discussion prompted numerous questions about drilling techniques, repeated seismic activity, the shale's boundaries and the potential of the Bossier Shale. David Meshell, of Zwolle, and one of dozens of people from neighboring parishes in the audience, offered an observation likening future shale development to the analogy of the which came first story of the chicken and the egg.

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